Missionary News

Jim Burnett, Argentina

JIm and his daughter Anne have arrived in the UK for a couple of months furlough.  Some meetings have been arranged, but Jim is hoping to spend as much time as he can with family.  This is his first visit to the UK since Betty's Homecall and he would appreciate your prayers.

Magdalene Burt, Ireland

Magdalene is hosting a coffee morning on 11 May. Pray that those invited would be able to come along, and that those who come will enjoy the time of fellowship and will be touched by God’s love expressed through the believers there.

Peter & Anne Grover

Peter and Anne would appreciate prayer as they have returned to the UK and look to see what the Lord has for their future. Pray that they would be led as to how to put their gifts and experience to good use.

Walter & Elizabeth Alexander, Brazil

Pray for Walter, who had an unexpected trip to hospital last week. He was overcome with weakness and tiredness, and experienced chest pains. After a day receiving medications by intravenous drip, he was allowed to go home. They still await the full result of exams, and would appreciate your prayers.

Peter & Peggy Ferry, Thailand

Peter would value prayer as this week sees the first short-term Bible school of the year at Phuket. Sixteen students will attend, a few from Phuket and neighbouring provinces but the majority from North Thailand. Peter will teach for three hours each morning, with another brother teaching for three hours in the afternoon and evenings.

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